Breaking: Top Teams Lose this Week in College Basketball

It has happened. The Top 25 is starting to crumble. In the last 10 days, there have been a total of 20 losses combined in the College Basketball AP Top 25. The losses include #1 teams Oklahoma and Kansas, as well as #5 Xavier, #20 Duke, and others. 12 of those losses came to unranked teams. The AP Top 25 is expected to be thrown for a loop, especially seeing that Top 25 teams are still playing this weekend before the release of the polls.

Now, I said this is opinion blog, so here is my opinion. A lot of people believe that the teams in the Top 25 are bad and should not have been ranked at all. I don’t believe that at all. We have to give credit to the schools that beat these teams. Those teams fought hard and had more to play for. This is exactly what we want to see happen in the NCAA. No one likes a team that stays #1 or #2 for the whole season. We want to see the Top 25 change all throughout the season. Teams that you never even knew existed entering the rankings. It causes a lot of excitement.

Another reason that the losses in the AP Top 25 are a good sign is that fact that this is a foreshadow of how exciting basketball will be when we hit March. There are going to be great upsets and who knows, maybe we will see the first 16 seed upset. I am all in for that. March Madness is looking like it is going to be the maddest it has been is quite some time.

So in conclusion, rather than viewing the teams that lost as bad teams, lets look at the big picture and realize how exciting NCAA basketball has become. March is going to be a very fun month for all the NCAA basketball fans.

Thanks for reading!


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