Tennis: Serena vs Sharapova

Looking at the title, a lot of you might be thinking that this is a blog post you should look past. However, this is a can’t miss game and I would love to write about it. So I decided to write a tennis blog post

Tonight at 9 PM on ESPN, you can watch #1 Serena Williams play #5 Maria Sharapova in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.  Tennis may sound boring, but this game will be one of the most exciting in sport’s history. Serena has 18 wins against Sharapova compared to 2 wins against Serena by Sharapova. However, I do not think this will enter Sharapova’s mind. With her 6’2″ slender build, I believe she has an advantage here. She is more agile than Serena and with a higher frame, Sharapova’s net play is extraordinary. However, Serena is known for the power behind her serves, and she can volley very well. The key to winning for both is who can control the tempo. If Serena is able to quicken the tempo, she will have the advantage, but if Sharapova slows the tempo and takes her time, she will have an advantage.

I believe this will be a three set game won on a tiebreaker. 7-6 Sharapova, 6-4 Williams, 7-6 Sharapova.

I will definitely be tuning in to watch this epic match-up. I hope you will too.

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