Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is an exciting time of year…when the actual selected players play the game. This year, there were a large amount of injured pro bowl players and many who decided to drop out. The drop outs completely ruin the idea of the pro bowl, leaving reserve players to play rather than the best of the best battling it out on the field. I want to see matchups like Peyton vs Watt, Brady vs Gilmore, Watkins vs Sherman.

Also, a topic that comes up a lot is whether the Pro Bowl should be held before or after the Super Bowl. I believe that the obvious answer is after, but the NFL still has it before. This causes a lot of problems, seeing that some of the best players play in the Super Bowl, but coaches won’t let them play in the Pro Bowl because of the injury risk. We could see a lot more Pro Bowl action after the Super Bowl and it would be a nice way to end the NFL Season.

In other news, Denver plays Carolina in Super Bowl 50. This is going to be an interesting game, seeing that the last time Denver played a great offense like Carolina in the Super Bowl, they lost 49-8 to the Seahawks. However, Denver’s defense has really stepped up and showed that they have what it takes to beat New England. Carolina also showed they were ready for the Super Bowl, defeating Carson Palmer and the Cardinals 49-15. I will make my pick on Monday.

I am looking forward to the Coldplay half-time show.

Thanks for reading!


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