Pick of the Week: Denver vs Carolina. SB 50

The Super Bowl is just 6 days away, and we are getting our chips, soda, and food ready for the big game. However, last time we expected a good game out of Denver, they lost 49-8 to the Seattle Seahawks. The Panthers remind me a lot of Seattle during their SB runs. So will Denver vs Carolina be worth watching, or will it be a blow out?

Denver’s defense shut down a dominate Patriots offense, only allowing 18 points. The Broncos only threw for 145 yards and ran for 99. However, the Denver defense stepped up big time, only allowing the Patriots to run for 44 yards and throw for 292. They also intercepted Brady twice. Denver punted 9 times and New England punted 6 times, yet Denver found a way to squeak out a win without any Overtime needed, 20-18.

Carolina had a completely different game than Denver, blowing out the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 and almost breaking the record for most points in a Division championship (only the 1990 Buffalo Bills had more…51 points). Carolina threw for 324 yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and 3 rushing touchdowns. Carolina’s dominate performance proved that Cam Newton *dab* and Carolina deserve to be in SB 50.

This game is not going to be a blowout, either way. I think this will be Peyton’s last game, and I cannot see him losing his last one (especially a Super Bowl). Denver is going to squeak out a 24-21 win in Overtime (a brave prediction indeed).

Also, my first pick of the week was Denver beating New England 20-17. I was off by one point. As of right now, I am 1-1 on pick of the weeks, as Denver beat New England and Serena beat Sharapova. Let’s see if I can go 2-1.

Thanks for reading!


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