Breaking: 2K Sports Sued for Using Player Tattoos

As many of you might have read in the past week, 2K Sports, the makers of the NBA2k series, were sued by Solid Oak Sketches, who claimed that the butterfly tattoo on Kobe Bryant and the tattoos on LeBron James arms in NBA2k16 were their original design.

I think this is a money grab for Solid Oak Sketches. There is no need to sue someone for a few tattoos on the arms of a couple players in a video game. This is the problem with sports and sports games as a whole nowadays. People are always looking for ways to profit off of players and game designers. If you think about it, Solid Oak must have been looking really closely to try and find out if NBA2k16 had the tattoos on the player. It is not just something you notice right away.

The easiest way to solve this it to offer generic tattoos and any other body marking for create-a-player, and just use generic tattoos to fill in the tattoo-laden parts of certain players. Obviously you can’t be original anymore without having to worry about being sued.

I will say it right here. I stand with 2K Sports and I believe that this lawsuit should be dropped.




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