All-Star Snub

The all-star game has become somewhat of a joke. Looking at the final score of last night’s NBA all-star game, I laughed out loud. The West team put up 196 points and the East put up 173 points. The defense was a joke and so was the game.

The All-Star games for all professional sports leagues needs to be taken seriously. It sounds like a great idea to have the best of the best playing together, until you hear that there is no defense. Without defense, the game becomes a joke and we are basically just watching a shoot-around or a practice. It looks like a bunch of high school kids playing in the park (even though there is more defense during street ball).

However, I did enjoy watching the dunk contest and skills competition, as those were taken seriously by the competitors and were both very exciting. Anthony-Towns beat Isaiah Thomas in the skills competitions and Zach Lavine put up a impressive performance to win the dunk contest.

The all-star weekend would be a lot more fun if the all-star game was played like a real game. I didn’t even bother to watch the East-West game.

Change the all-star game!

Thanks for reading!


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