Pro Bowl or Toilet Bowl?

So, I watched 5 minutes of the Pro Bowl and then turned it to watch the Discovery Channel. The Pro Bowl has become very boring and is no longer a game like it was in the old days. For crying out loud, Jimmy Graham started yelling at Lorenzo Alexander (Pro Bowl MVP) when Alexander “tackled him too hard.”

Then it hit me…replace the Pro Bowl and instead creating the Number 1 Overall Pick Bowl.
Here is how it would work…take the worst four teams (Browns, 49ers, Bears, and Jaguars this year) and put them into a playoff for the 1st overall pick in the draft. The teams would play hard, tackle hard, and it would be an amazing playoff and it would add a level of excitement to the draft.

The Pro Bowl needs to be replaced, and the “Toilet Bowl” should take its place. Imagine watching the worst teams get to play in a playoff for the overall pick. It would be a very serious game and the teams would play for keeps, as they want to be able to select the best player.

What do you think? Comment below

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