Hopeful Walk-On…NCAA Basketball

Hey, everyone!

So, I have been looking into walking on to the Liberty basketball program in 2018. I looked a little bit into it, and it is going to be hard! However, here are a few tips for all of us hopeful walk-ons (especially those who do/did not play in High School)

  1. Play as Often as Possible!
    Ok, this might sound obvious, but when I say often, I mean every day as long as you can! Go to your local recreation center, YMCA, or community center and practice your game. Play as many pick-up games as you can with people your age, or, even better, people older than you!
  2. Shots, Shots, Shots
    I know offense and shooting are what the game is all about, but it is definitely a vital part of the game. Practice your lay-ups, then practice your mid-range, then try out your three-point shot!
  3. Free Throws
    Come on. Every coach/player/bystander knows that free throws are one of the most vital parts of your game. 50-100 MADE free throws is a good practice. Keep going until you can hit all these and don’t take a break in-between
  4. Defense
    Whether you are playing pick-up, or you are by yourself, you can practice defense. Practice your stance, your jumping, your hands, and your ability to slide. One of my favorite practices for stealing the ball is letting a ball bounce in front of me and then quickly poking it. I do this at difference distances and positions, and it has helped me in my game
  5. Hit the Weight Room
    You gotta bulk up to play in NCAA, especially Division 1. You won’t make it too far if you have no muscle and get banged around easily. Do chest presses, curls, and other arm exercises. Also, work those thigh and calf muscles. If you get good leg muscles, you can jump higher on defense and have more strength behind your shot on offense.
  6. Play Club Basketball
    Any opportunity you get, go play in a club basketball league at your local YMCA or recreation center. Any time spent in an organized league is helping you play and understand the game better.
  7. Believe you Can
    Not corny…ok it kind of is…but you need to believe in yourself. If you think you can’t do it, you won’t do it, and you won’t make it. Believe in yourself!!!

Hope this helps. Now, I am off to play some pick-up games at my local YMCA.

Have a good one!!!


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